waveform_delta (waveform_delta) wrote,

LJIdol, Week 3: Brushback Pitch

Batter up
At the plate
Ready for anything
Or so you think

Eye on the ball
Or some other cliche
Ready for nothing
If that's how it goes

A signal, a nod
A whizzer right by
With a spin from Uranus
One for the record books

Get a little closer
Don't be shy
Show that ball
You can't be owned

Next one arrives
Swing and a miss
Angry faces
Behind diamond pane wire
Calling your name

Eyes from the dugout
Maybe a few boos
Not going to let it
Get to you

Here comes another
Runs a little wide
Scowl on his face
He doesn't like you
Something in his narrowed eyes

It comes quick
Didn't quite see it
Leave his hand
Just see the stars

People leaning over
Worried faces
Ump is angry
But you feel

The smile on your face
You got a little closer
Now you know
He's got a weakness
You own him.
Tags: lj idol, week 3
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