waveform_delta (waveform_delta) wrote,


If future is future and past is past,
If first is first and last is last,
If writing, not reading were to work so fast,
Where would I be with my mind?

If true sight comes after I've been blind,
If I uncover my future by what I leave behind,
If all that I need is inside my mind,
When will it all become clear?

If I ignore all the things I think I fear,
If I let all of those things disappear,
If I study the stars, cold and clear,
What will be left of me?

If forgetting memories will set me free,
If I strip away all that need not be,
If I let go of all that isn't me,
Who will I become?

If I balance the equation and find the sum,
If I keep the rhythm of the ceremonial drum,
If I breathe, and envision what is to come,
What part of me will last?
Tags: 2016, lj idol, week 4
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