waveform_delta (waveform_delta) wrote,

LJIdol, Week 7: Where I'm from...

What's the matter with Kansas? So goes the question. From my perspective, there's only one thing that's the matter with Kansas:

I'm not from there, but for some reason everyone thinks I am!

I mean, seriously! Do I go around with hayseed in my teeth or something? Do I wear bib overalls? Do I stink like a hog waller? I don't know plowing the back 40 from the front, and I have no idea what the wheat grows as high as. But I do know my Topeka from my Salina, and my K-State from my KU.

See, it's my family's fault. I'm not from there, but they are, and most of them rather insistently remain there, so I am obliged to visit periodically. Which has led to the illusion among my friends and acquaintances that I'm 'from Kansas'. There are trips there at least once a year, sometimes more.

As for me, I'm 'from' many places. I was actually born in Phoenix, Arizona. But my childhood ended up being a whirlwind move to many places throughout the U.S.: New Mexico, Ohio, Michigan, Illinois. We seemed to carve a groove through the Great Plains.

And yet, none of them were Kansas. It's difficult to get people to understand.
Tags: lj idol, week 7
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